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August 2013 Latvia and Belarus mobile phone scam

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The trickEdit

Social network users in both the USA and UK were warned on August 12, 2013 about a Latvia and Belarus mobile phone scam. It involves responding to and unanswered call from Latvia and/or Belarus. The reports, initially from the USA , that if the call is replied to, the phone's address book will be hacked by the sender.

Reports on social networks had gathered that that a single reply to an unanswered call bearing international codes cheats users out of $15 to $30 of there bank savings.

Experts hadve dismissed theses initial clames since E-mails and text messages are more likely to deliver a virouse and voice mail is vertualy impossible to rig.

The numbers affectedEdit

A specific hacking programme is reportedly used to create numerous international phone numbers, that will automatically leave a 'psudo-unanswered call' on a recipient’s phone. The international codes +371 and +375 (Latvian and Belarus).

People at riskEdit

Mobile phone/smartphone users.

Those who committed the crimeEdit


Legal outcomeEdit

It was stopped, but any arrests, fines and jailings are still unknown.

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