Latvian regions and latvians cultural zones

Latvia's historic cultural regions and zones.

Courland (Latvian: Kurzeme; Livonian: Kurāmō; German and Swedish: Kurland; Latin: Curonia / Couronia; Lithuanian: Kuršas; Estonian: Kuramaa; Polish: Kurlandia; Russian: Курляндия; Belarusian: Курляндыя; Finnish: Kuurinmaa) is one of the historical and cultural regions of Latvia. The regions of Semigallia and Selonia are sometimes considered as part of Courland. Courland is also home to most of the Livonians.

The Courland Penisular is the big, rounded, north western part that sticks out tn to the sea and contains the town of Windau. The Rundale Palace was once the seat of the Dukes of Courland.

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