Operation Iskra (Russian: Операция Искра, Operatsia Iskra; English: Operation Spark) ; English: Operation Spark) was a major Soviet military operation during World War II, that was created to break through the German Wehrmacht's year long Siege of Leningrad. Planning for the operation began shortly after the failed of the Sinyavino Offensive had come to an end. After the German army's defeat in the Battle of Stalingrad in the later 1942 had weakened the German's Russian front substantially. By the January of 1943, Soviet forces were planning and conducting other offensive operations across the entire German-Soviet front, especially in southern Russia. Operation Iskra being the northern part of the wider Soviet 1942–1943 winter counter offensive. It was a Soviet victory that saw 12,000 Axis soldiers killed and 33,940 Soviet soldier on dead and missing.

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