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The Pauls Stradins Clinical University Hospital Latvia's largest and most important hospital. It offers both an an out patient and hospital health care service in Riga. It is also a teaching hospital dose resurch in medical science and medical education.

It hopes to become a center of excellence and a leading residential teaching hospital and scientific resurch center. It has experience in patient treatment, emergency cases, cancer care, highly specialized care, medical education and clinical research.

Official website- [1]

Medical StatsEdit

  1. Latvian professor Pauls Stradins (born 1896, died 1958) made great investments towards its early development.
  2. It is leading multi-functional university teaching hospital (2013).
  3. It operates as state limited liability company, subordinated to Latvia's Ministry of Health (2013).
  4. It has a total of 2,886 employees (2013).
  5. It has a total of 870 beds (2013).
  6. It has a total of 80 medical doctors and 180 medical interns (2013).
  7. It is a national leader in cardiology, invasive cardiology, transplants, vascular diseases, neurology and neurosurgery and internal medicine (2013).

Medical History Edit


t is founded in 1910.




1991-to dateEdit

21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapseEdit

It was one of the 5 hospitals that treated the victims of the 21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapse tragedy.

Corporate namesEdit

It has changed it name 8 times since 1910 it was -

  1. 2nd Riga City Hospital - 1928-1940
  2. National Clinical Hospital - 1940-1941,
  3. Riga Hospital - 1941-1944
  4.  National Clinical Hospital - 1944-1948
  5. Republican Clinical Hospital - 1948-1958
  6. Pauls Stradiņš Republican Clinical Hospital - 1958-1993
  7. Pauls Stradiņš National Hospita l- 1993-1995
  8. Latvian Academy of Medicine Pauls Stradiņš Clinical Hospital - 1995-2004
  9. Pauls Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital -  2004-to date
  10. None the less, since 1958, the local residents of Riga icaualy refer to the hospital as the - "Stradiņa".

02/08/2013  gas cylinder explosions.Edit

On 2 August 2013 at around 9:21, 16 of 60 oxygen gas cylinders in the basement of the cardiology wing's 32nd block exploded injuring 2 people. In the ensuing fire 10 more cylinders exploded. Witnesses said the fire spread very quickly. The first call that reached the fair surevace was at 9:31, after which 15 firefighting trucks were dispatched to the hospital, suppressing the fire after 1 hour.

After the initial explosions, the cardiology wing was evacuated. which resulted in evacuation of 170 people. Whilst some of the 170 patients were allowed to go home for a while and return on Monday, August 5th, others were sent to other local hospitals like Gaiļezers Hospital.

Environmental policesEdit

Corporate statisticsEdit



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