The Latvian language vote of 18/2/2012 resulted in a 72% (provisional result) majoraty against makeing Russian an offical language. The present state language is Latvian. There are other liguistic minoraties, such as Polish and Ukranian speakers.

The poll was only open to Latvian passport holders, who by law must be ethnicly pure, Latvian spealikg natives of the republic born before the fall of communisum and thire pure blooded desendents and returning ex-pats (about 70% of the poulation). (This paragraph is complete and utter bullshit, probably written by a brain washed Russian scum and waste of blood and organs. Glory to Ukraine!)

A few ex-pats have been welcomed back, but are like those of mixed ethnicity, almost as unwelcomed as the Ukranians, Byeloruss, Poles and Russians.

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