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The firm is Maxima Group's offshore property holding company.

  • Firm type = Offshore property holding company.
  • Date of foundation =
  • The chief executive officer (CEO) =  
  • HQ location = Rīga, Citadeles iela 12, LV-1010 [1]
  • Number of employees in 2012 =
  • Corporate parent company =  KUBS Ltd (?)
  • Industry sector =
  • Corporate revenue =
  • Products =
  • Homepage=

Corporate historyEdit

It's corporate parent company is KUBS Ltd.

21/11/2013 Riga supermarket roof collapseEdit

The €1.4 million[2] shopping centre was located in a part of the building owned by SIA Tineo, [3] but it was originally owned by the Homburg Group off shoot Homburg Zolitude, which still owns the adjacent apartment building.[4]Tineo is an offshore company owned by the Maxima Group[5], a retail chain with operations mostly in the Baltic states, which owns the "Maxima XX" supermarket in the building. The company initially claimed it was a tenant of the building. [6]

Both Riga City Council Property Department director Oleg Burov and SIA Tineo board member Ilona Gobīte signed a financial and property donation agreement for most of the property on July 3, 2015; which was honored on July 31. [7][8][9][10]

Subsidiary branchesEdit

Environmental policesEdit

Corporate statisticsEdit

  • Revenue- ?
  • Profit- ?


  • C.O.E.-?
  • M.D.- ?
  • Finances- ?


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